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We’ve discussed the three distinct fits we offer in dress shirts, but now it’s time to talk turkey. And by “turkey,” we mean “collars.” Yes, that strip of under-appreciated fabric that rests right below our chins. Because even though we might not give it much thought, it does actually say something about us. Here are the three collar options available at Bonobos, and a little bit of background on each. 
Point Collar:
This is as classic as it gets. It works in every scenario, it’s accepted just about everywhere in the world, and everyone is going to be cool with it. If you want to play it safe and look like a true professional, this is the way to go. Think office attire or dinner with the in-laws.
Semi-Spread Collar:
Ok, this one is a little bit edgier. A tad more fashion-forward, perhaps, with it’s wider spacing between the collar points. But it’s still a safe bet, and a nice balance between conservative style and modern panache. Think dinner date or downtown gallery show.
Spread Collar:
With its continental origins and connotations of haute couture, this collar option is for those with some savoir faire. It can accommodate wider tie knots (if that’s your thing), and has the confident attitude to match. Think Fashion Week party or international espionage. 
If you’d like to check out our collar selection for yourself, feel free to click here and pay the Bonobos dress shirt page a visit. And if you’re interested in trying one on, you’re always welcome to swing by a Guideshop.

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